To Wish Impossible Things

I was going to post yesterday however i didn’t feel like posting anything.  Tuesday Morning at work one of the upper bosses came up to me and asked me if i had put in for the job at work.  I told her i had and that i didn’t get since i wasn’t a female.  She told me that didn’t sound right and that she was going to look into this.  Tuesday/Wednesday at work the person i interviewed with told me that i needed to resubmit for the job because there was an issue with everyone’s submission.  He told me the store manager wanted to look at all of the applicants that had applied.  After work i bought somethings and then went home.  I did some work around the house when i got in and then just relaxed.  I went to sleep and got up at 7:30 p.m..  i did some yard work and it was good.  I thought it was successful.  Thursday morning i went out again and did some more yard work.  I thought that my well pump was going to be hooked up and running and then i got an email saying that they had to reschedule for Saturday.  The problem with Saturday is that i have to work that night and i need more sleep since i am working 10 hour days now.  I was going to just work one night at work however with the bullshit at work i told the one manager i would go in and work for him.  I am just going to work the 8 hours though.  I am anxious about the vacation because of all the things i need to do on vacation.  I got an email Thursday morning and the Cure is going to release the 30th anniversary edition of Wish.  That is one of my favorite Cure albums.  Disintegration is the best album.  It would be hard to rank the albums because I have so many memories that remind me of them.  Wild Mood Swings is really awesome.  That was the tour where i saw them first.  It was just them for 3 hours.  I remember sneaking in a miniature tape recorder in my combat boots to record the concert.  I am not sure where those tapes ended up however i did go and make a set list of the concert.  I have seen the cure several times.  I kick myself in the ass for not seeing them the last time they toured.  The Twilight Sad opened up for them and they are totally awesome as well.  I have been watching the Vow on HBO max. It is a mess and i am glad that isn’t a part of my life.  I am going to have a good vacation.  I ordered flowers for my better half’s wedding anniversary and they sent them early.  I am kinda aggravated they did that.  I was trying to be secretive around anniversaries because i think that is the one of the times you can be secretive.  Birthday’s and Christmas are the other times.  Anyways i hope that this finds everyone well.  I may post a lot when i go on vacation.  I am not sure though.  Sometimes i just want to take a break from everything.  Until next time…….



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2 weeks ago

Hey Chris, what do you think about this song? I have had it in my head since last Sunday and I can’t get it out either…

@sambucathedestroyer I am quite fond of the song.  It reminded me of music made in the 80’s.  I also liked how it told a story.

2 weeks ago

@robertsmith Ikr?? 😀 I can’t get it out of my head, but then again.. idgaf. <3