Wendy Time

last night was a good night.  I slept good for the most part.  I think being on vacation has been good for me.  I woke up to an email from my attorney.   The price was fair.   I am just hoping that it goes the way I think it should go.  I am not if anything has happened yet.  I am sure I would get some emails about how I am being an asshole.  I don’t care.  I have to do what I feel is right.  I have been watching doctor strange and the multiverse of madness everyday I have been on vacation. I accidentally ordered the 4K version which I can’t really tell the difference between 4k and bluray.   The difference I can tell is that I have a bluray player in the bedroom.  I went to do yard work this morning.   I thought it was 5.  It was 4.  I was wondering why it was so dark outside.   I did watch some money heist on Netflix.   I finished the first part.  Today I am going to take it easy.  I am on vacation  so it is okay.  Anyways until next time…….



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