December 8th 2018, 12:04Am

Home, Bradford.

Oops, missed a day yesterday. Oh well. If I manage to not miss any more that will be pretty good, but in all honesty my life isn’t all that interesting most of the time. Yesterday I just went to work and came home again. Today was pretty much the same.

Perhaps the highlight of my day, which has gotten both my wife and I very excited, is the announcement that a remastered version of ‘Crash Team Racing’ is coming out June next year. According to the news Trump has done another Brexit in the Jungle, I care about Crash Bandicoot much more.

My wife and I appear to be having a contest to see who can make the most ridiculous purchase despite the fact that we are absolutely skint. Yesterday I bought one of the chavvy lamps that project snowflakes onto your house for Christmas. Today my wife saw my chav lamp and raised my a gigantic cardboard Christmas playhouse for the kids to mess about with. We both need to pack it in.

I was going to see my parents this weekend, but I fail to see what positive contribution I could make other than making myself more worried about things I cannot change. I would rather put up my decorations. When I visited my Dad in hospital all he ever asked me about was when my brother was coming up to see him, so I’ll leave him to wait for that. As long as my Mum is okay he can rot as far as I’m concerned. Instead I will stay home, build this ridiculous cardboard house, tidy up, then get the Christmas decorations done. That should me time well spent.

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