Five years since…

December 1st 2018, 5:42Pm

Home, Bradford.

In the ‘old days’, before OpenDiary’s long hiatus, it was a tradition of mine to post entries every day in December. I usually managed it, but during my last attempt the site outages during OD’s death throes caused me to give up. Five years later, I am going to try again. True, I have only made eight entries since things were (sort of) restored (it bothers me a lot that there still doesn’t seem to be a decent entry manager) but I always enjoyed trying to give a yearly snapshot of my life and I think I have the time and energy to do it again this year.

It is an interesting time. Had it not been December it is very likely I would have made an entry soon anyway. Last week my Dad was sent to hospital again. His stomach was bleeding, he was heavily jaundiced, he could barely move and my Mum called my up fearing he was going to die. He didn’t, but those fears resurfaced the next day when Dad started having seizures in the hospital. He survived, but it took a toll on his brain and he was in a state of dementia for almost two days afterwards.

As it stands now, Dad is alright. The hospital are assessing him for a few more days to make sure his detox is complete and it is safe for him to go home. My brother and I have concluded it very likely Dad will find a way to start drinking again once he gets home and we will be in this position again at some point in the future, probably worse. Less than a year ago Dad was hospitalised in a similar but less severe state. If I had a crystal ball I would ask it when this will happen again. I just hope it is after Christmas. My Dad is responsible for his own problems, but poor Mum does not deserve the hell he and his condition put her through.

With my brother at my parents, I have been able to spend the weekend at home with my wife and daughters. My lovely wife asked me to cycle out into the pissing rain to collect tickets for a Christmas party at a local soft-play centre. When I got there they told me I shouldn’t have bothered, their names are already on the door! I had words with my wife when I got home so now she is barely talking to me. This is fine. Because I have been either at my parents or work all week my PS4 is looking very neglected and Red Dead Redemption Online has launched so here is hoping for a quiet winter’s night.

But first: tidying up, reading ‘Christmas Carol’ to my daughters and putting them to bed. See you tomorrow!

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December 1, 2018

Sorry to hear about your father. You have my prayers!

It’s good to see you! I remember Rodge’s Fish!

December 2, 2018

@whitepianosky Mate, everyone remembers that bloody fish! Fortunately, Fishey decided to give it up when he realised his owner was getting jealous because was generating more followers and notes! About six months after his final entry Fishey went to that great Ocean in the… Ocean after we moved house. I think the move and different water proved too stressful for him and finished him off. He recieved the traditional burial (ashes to ashes / dust to dust / down the toilet / ye we flush).

December 1, 2018

I’m sorry to hear about your father’s condition. Hopefully, if something like this happens again, it will happen after Christmas.

December 1, 2018

Sucks about your dad and especially what he’s putting your mum through.

I’m actually going to read A Christmas Carol this year