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March 3rd 2018, 2:28Pm

Home, Bradford.

This marks the first time I have written an entry on the new OD planning to post it ‘live’ as soon as I have finished writing. I think I will start with a grumble about the new OD because it is cheesing me off immensely that I still cannot just view all of my old entries in a list and sort them into chapters. I have over 2000 entries from the ‘old days’ that I want to go through them and archive, but the only way I can do that right now is by clicking through each and every one individually, which is useless to me. I thought the ‘all notes’ view could be a good start, but in my case it seems that ‘all notes’ actually means ‘all notes since 2018’. Again, useless to me.

I shall persist, still strong in the hope that OpenDiary will get better and these problems will be fixed. I would try contacting support but it hasn’t helped so far! I guess entry management isn’t high on their list of priorities.

Getting back to work after half-term has been a bit of a stop/start process, as we just received two days off due to snow. The snow has caused problems of its own at Rodge Manor as the boiler decided to stop working at 4:30Pm yesterday. After two hours of me running around in a blind panic trying to fix it and convincing myself I could smell gas, Mrs. Rodge put me on the phone to a friend of her’s husband who is a gas engineer. He asked me if I had poured warm water on the outlet pipe outside. I told him I had but it hadn’t work. He seemed so convinced that this was the problem that I checked the pipe again and sure enough it was filled with solid clear ice. After two hours of warming water, pouring it over and into the pipe, then finally dismantling it, I discovered that the ice had actually gone right into the wall! I jury-rigged a system of pipes so I could pour warm water into the wall, and after two more jugfulls it suddenly gurgled and water spurted out of there like a spring! After about a minute (once the water stopped guishing out) I fired up the boiler and the thing worked! I can’t believe I managed to fix my boiler, I guess I must be a proper adult by now.

I also know I am a proper adult because my voice was on Radio 4 last night. There has been a really good storyline in ‘The Archers’ lately and I tweeted the BBC to say how much I enjoyed it. The next day I got an email from a producer asking me for a soundbite, which I recorded and sent in. I love radio and have always wanted to be on it. I’ve always wanted the courage to call in to radio stations and for some (probably narcissistic) reason I love the idea that people would listen to me. Hearing myself on Radio 4 for all of thirty seconds has spurred me into thinking that maybe it is time that I actually did something about that. I did actually try to start a channel on ‘AudioBoo’ once the old OD died, but after they changed their name to ‘AudioBoom’ it became clear they were no longer willing to help smaller channels grow, same story with Anchor. If anyone could give any recommendations or advice for audio sharing platforms I would be grateful.

I’ve been to see a couple of wrestling shows since my last entry. One was at a skunk-den in the middle of Leeds and it was awful, one was at a civic hall in Pudsey and it was awesome.

Life continues as normal here at Rodge Manor. The most interesting thing to happen here is that my eldest daughters swimming lesson start time has been changed from 9:30Am on Saturdays to 11:30. This is interesting and wonderful because it means I might be able to have a lie in on Saturdays again.

My Dad seems to be recovering well at home. I don’t ask my Mum about it too much because I know when we reach the topic of his drinking all she will have to say is that he is back to his old habits. Until his next crisis I am just going to bury my head in the sand.

I ordered a new bike from Halfords last week, but there is no way I can collect and ride it home safely in this snow.

I will finish this entry with another quick, survey style theme of the week catchup!

Do you believe in soulmates?

No. I shall defer to lyrical wisdom of Tim Minchin to explain:

“Love is nothing to do with destined perfection
The connection is strengthened
The affection simply grows over time…

…And love is made more powerful
By the ongoing drama of shared experience
And synergy, and symbiotic empathy, or something…

…But with all my heart and all my mind
I know one thing is true
I have just one life and just one love
And my love, that love is you
And if it wasn’t for you
I really think that I would
Have somebody else.”

What cause would you be an activist for?

Libertarianism. But I suppose if I cared that much I would be an activist for it already! There are a couple of charitable and educational causes that I am active in supporting, but I don’t think I will detail that here.

If you could create a character in your favorite book or film story, what would you be? What would you do?

Not the most well written question, but I infer from it that the character I create is meant to be a version of myself. My favourite book is ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens, so I guess I would have to be Bob Cratchit. I would be working my arse off all day to support a wife and kids then instead of my employer coming to my rescue, I would invent the radio and make a fortune hosting my own show. Scrooge can come and work in the finance department.

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May 3, 2018

Hey Rodge


just stopped by to say hello. I haven’t written in 5 years so you probably don’t remember me!!!

May 3, 2018

@supersarah Hello! As a matter of fact, I do remember, just about. I think you made your last few entries just after my daughter was born and you were separating from your partner, which I suppose makes sense looking at your catchup entry. Welcome back! I’m still quietly lurking here at the moment, but I couldn’t leave OD as long as it is here.