Pace of Life

December 4th 2018, 5:44Pm

Home, Bradford.

Time has poured a little bit of oil on my water from last night. Thank goodness.

I went to work today, where I worked hard for the hours I am expected to then buggered off home as soon as I could. This is rare for me, but I have a colleague who is willing to give me a lift as long as I leave work on time. Normally I am on the bike, but right now it is in Halfords getting the brakes, gears and drivetrain checked for Winter. I love riding my bike, but as it is getting frosty there may not be many days left before Christmas that I am able to ride the thing.

It was a beautiful, clear morning today. The moon was a fingernail in the sky but it was so clear and bright you could make out the unlit portion of it clearly with bare eyes.

Once I got home from work I called home. Sure enough my Dad answered. He sounded knackered but docile enough. I’m pretty sure he will behave himself for a day or two, so hopefully my Mum will have time to get things sorted before he starts making his brand of mayhem again. During our phone conversation I ordered him to behave himself until January. At the weekend I’ll probably be taking the opportunity to see for myself, but I also want to make sure we put the Christmas decorations up.

Right now I feel grumpy, I asked my wife to text her Mum to see if she was going to ASDA. She didn’t bother, but sent a Facebook message instead. Likely my mother-in-law is currently traipsing around ASDA, not bothering to connect to wifi and is none the wiser, so it is likely I will have to venture out myself if I want a warm meal tonight.

This is about the pace of life and level of problem I can cope with. This’ll do me.

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