Picked Onions

December 2nd 2018, 6:26Pm

Home, Bradford.

I’m in a bit of a grump tonight. I just attempted to read a bit of ‘A Christmas Carol’ to my daughters for bedtime, but gave up when the eldest started chucking teddies around trying to get her younger sisters to catch them. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow. I also had a bit of a rant at my wife. I was trying to make a cheese and pickled onion sandwich this afternoon, but couldn’t find the pickled onions. When I asked her were they were, she said ‘In the cupboard.’ My kitchen has about 14 cupboards in it, so I somehow found the energy to provide my wife with a ten minute lecture on the importance of clear communication and mansplaining how she could have instantly revealed the location of the preserved silverskins by adding a positional adjective to the noun ‘cupboard’ instead of expecting me to open all of them as if I was on an episode of ‘Finders Keepers!’

I think I was already wound up because when I went to Morrisons this afternoon there was a bloke ahead of me on the self-service checkout who had no idea how to use the thing and took almost fifteen minutes because the store clerk, instead of realising this bloke was special, kept abandoning him during his scanning instead of guiding the poor sod through it. The customer behind him could have offered to give him a hand, but he was engrossed in Candy Crush and obviously in no hurry.

Now that they have been in the shops for a few years, I think the big supermarkets should offer ‘learner’ checkouts, so people can learn how to use them and acquire the proper permissions¬†before¬†joining the rest of us in using the big boy’s till. In fact, while I am at it lets have the same rule for people boarding public transport and using cash machines.

I spoke to my Mum for a bit last night, Dad is well, but still refusing some of the medication and has started lying to the doctors already. He seems to think he will be out of the hospital tomorrow but Mum thinks differently. I just hope they get allocated that social worker, my Mum needs all the help she can get looking after my Dad and Grandma in the arse-end of nowhere miles away from all other relatives.

Then I fell asleep playing Red Dead Redemption Online. I will probably do the same tonight. After I have sorted things out with the wife and kids of course. I realise I have done this entry backwards, but hey ho.

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December 3, 2018

Hard times with your father.. what can I say. Hang in there.