The Valentine’s Fair (and Leeds!)

February 9th 2018, 10:00Pm

Home, Bradford.

It feels good to be back up and running on OpenDiary. How odd that after living for 33 years, 3 years away feels like no time at all. I have relatives who I have had greater gaps in time between seeing! Still a few technical hitches, including only ten of my entries showing up when I ask to view chapters that I know consist of hundreds, but I have sent a quick ticket off and remain hopeful. In any case, this is probably going to be the last entry I put ‘in the backlog’ and past this point I will just put them up as and when I write, so please lower your expectations if you thought I was going to continue to write every three days.

One new thing that has come into my life in the od-less days is wrestling. I only briefly mentioned it in a previous entry but I had not realised, it was only in about May 2014 that I began watching wrestling again! I had always liked it as a kid, with Undertaker being my all time favourite wrestling idol, but once I discovered it was fake I decided I couldn’t be bothered. In 2014, I still had just the one daughter, so I had time on my hands and had nothing to watch on TV. I saw wrestling was on and remembered my brother saying he was a big fan of TNA so I watched a bit of WWE Raw. I couldn’t believe it when they mentioned that not only was undertaker still going, but he was defending his 21-0 winning streak against some fat bloke called Brock Lesnar. I as hooked right back in. The fighting may be fake, but the athletic display of gymnastics and skill those blokes put on was enough to pull me right back in. Undertaker lost to Brock Lesnar and it’s been downhill for him pretty much ever since. There is still a small amount of ambiguity over his retirement, but smart money says he is pretty much done. Fortunately I have found many excellent new wrestlers to enjoy. I love Rusev, Kevin Owens, The Hardys, Charlotte… I won’t go on. It will not surprise me if there are many more times that I talk about wrestling in this diary.

I should also mention that I have had two more daughters since then as well. Giving me a total of three. I don’t have as much to say about that, except that another big thing that took place during the three years was that I took steps to make sure there wouldn’t be any more! That is a big story in itself and definitely one that I can save for another time.

I raise the topic of wrestling because last weekend I watched my first live show of the year. I am hoping to attend at least ten and show one was a wrestling promotion I have been seeing live in Leeds since about two years ago. Unfortunately, their glory days are behind them. They have had to change venue a firth time and the place they were at for the show I saw this weekend was an absolute skunk-den. Literally. It was a disused mill complex that has been hastily turned into a windowless den for underage kiddies to get wasted and drink beer. Cartoons playing on the projector on the walls, bars that only sold cans and bottles (though they did sell Dr. Pepper for £1 so that’s something…) and the room where they set up the ring was not much bigger than my garage. The ceiling was too low, so they had to lower the ring so it was pretty much a ledge and to cap it off one of the ‘staff’ there make me feel uneasy and unwelcome by rudely telling me ‘move out of the way, you can’t stand there!’ when I had the audacity to stand with three of my wrestling friends in an otherwise empty room. Before the first bell rang, I had already pledged that I would not be going there again.

It was a bit of a shame because, even though only about 40 people were in attendance, the wrestling show itself was very good. A particular highlight was when a wrestler called ‘Suga Dunkerton’ was in the ring and my wrestle-mates started singing ‘Suga (duh, duh, dudu, duh, duh), oh, honey honey (duh, duh, dudu, duh, duh), you are my Dunkerton. And you got me wanting you!’ Suga was obviously very impressed with it and even shared it on Twitter. Nice bloke.

I have also gotten out of the house tonight. There is a Valentine’s fairground on near where I live and it was £6 for unlimited rides so I decided it was time to see what my eldest daughter (who is 6) was made of!

My eldest daughter is not a thrill seeker. She enjoyed the fun house, but was put off by the ghost train on our first time around when the bloody thing got stuck and some carnie had to come up behind us to shove it up the hill! She enjoyed the dodgems too, until the seatbelt got caught around her neck and nearly choked her! The ’round and round’ rides like the safari train, swings, teacups and merry-go round all went down well, so I decided to test her mettle (and mine) but putting us on the fastest ride she was tall enough to go on – the Super Bob!

I will say that for the first thirty seconds she loved it. And for the first fourty-five seconds so did I. But once the thing was spinning us around so fast that centrifugal force was pushing us to the side of the carriage we both decided this wasn’t for us. Unfortunately the carnie-in-charge decided to treat us by taking it around a second time! Grim.

After that my daughter decided the wildest ride she wanted to go on was the four-foot high pirate ship. She also spent a good half an hour on the trampolines, so for sure it was six quid well spent. My brother-in-law had given her a fiver to spend on whatever she liked, so she bought herself one of them nasty sugar dummys and insisted I let her have a go at ‘hook-a-duck’. As it was ‘prize every time’ I advised her not to get her hopes up as she would probably get a smaller prize they kept under the counter instead of one of the decent looking ones they had on display. To my surprise, once she had hooked her duck, the carnie-in-charge told her she could pick any prize she wanted off the shelves so she picked a huge card covered in pink plastic princess tat and was absolutely delighted. The last carnie-run fair I had been to was in Rochdale probably some 18 years ago, where I got my wallet nicked by the scumbag who ran the waltzers, so I was very wary about this one and happy to say I was wrong. The folks who ran this fair in Bradford were friendly, helpful, charged fair prices and gave me and my daughter a wonderful evening for less than the price of a takeaway!

And to make things even better, I now have a week off work!

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February 17, 2018

Can I ask you a question about the ten entries in the chapters (because we are trying to troubleshoot this)? Is this after you click the name of a chapter on your diary front page? Are you then scrolling down the page? If you scroll down it should load more entries. Let me know if that is what is or is not happening – thanks!

February 17, 2018

@thediarymaster Yep, I scroll down and it only shows me the first ten entries. Sometimes I see the purple circle thing, but it just disappears after a few seconds.

February 22, 2018

I was having the same chapter issues! I could only see one page of each chapter but just clicked through individually anyway.

Wow, 3 daughters under 6! I’m stressing with one haha xx