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February 4th 2018, 1:30Pm

Home, Bradford

Delightful! My diary is reclaimed and I just posted my first entry. Time to make another one to add to the backlog.

After not receiving a reply to my initial request to reclaim my diary, I sent another email and received a response about an hour later saying it was all done and I should be able to log in with my current email address. Maybe they were just checking I was a human and that if it was definitely me, I would be proactive in reclaiming my diary. Nevertheless, it worked.

Once I reclaimed my diary I have to admit my first impressions were not good. It was a Saturday night and the site was mind-bendingly slow. It still tends to be mind-bendingly slow whenever I try to find old entries and edit chapters so I think this had something to do with my diary reactivating. As of this morning I still cannot see some of my earliest entries, but I think they are trickling back onto the site slowly but surely.

I wanted to make all of my old entries private, but without any sort of entry manager the only way I could see to do it was by going through them all individually and changing the setting. Fortunately I whinged on the DiaryMasters diary and he responded suggesting that I contact support using the link at the bottom of the page. I did so and the next morning all of my old entries were marked as private, so that means I can get started with this thing. OD still seems far from perfect, but it is usable and that’s enough for me.

I always liked a good theme of the week, but as I am fashionably late to the party I will just catch up to it by answering the previous seven themes survey style:

1. If you could pick any place in the world to live, where would it be?

I am only 33, so right now this plan is only embryonic, but I would love to retire to Whitby:

2. What is one thing you would like to learn about, but haven’t been able to do?

Because I work in education I know full well that it is possible to learn how to do just about anything as long as the will is there, but lately I have been fascinated watching paramotor videos on YouTube and thinking how much I would like to give that a go. Since my daughters were born I am much more risk-averse than I used to be but I don’t think strapping a giant fan to my back and letting it drag me hundreds of feet in the air by filling a giant parachute crosses that line. Unfortunately, it looks like a very expensive hobby and the city of Bradford would definitely not be a good spot for doing it in. It sure would be awesome to land one of those things in the school playground though!

3. What is an accomplishment you are particularly proud of?

Top three in ascending order: Degree, marriage, kids.

4. What is something you did as a child that you miss doing now?

Being able to run for hours without stopping them coming home to play video games for hours without falling asleep.

5. What is the most surprised you have ever been?

I can’t think of an individual time, but I think the most surprising period of my life has to be this time twelve years ago when me and my wife began our relationship. Falling in love with her was was the easiest, most natural and blissful thing that I could have imagined. The three daughters that have come since our marriage prove a constant source of surprise too. Just thirty seconds ago my eldest, who is 6, surprised me by coming into the living room and asking me, “Daddy, isn’t ‘unusual’ an unusual adjective?”

6. When was a time you stood up for yourself?

A few years ago the place where I work had a massive staffing restructure and a lot of people either left or were made redundant. Like many, I was forced to reapply for my job and subjected to two job interviews. One was for the post that I already held and the other was for promotion where I would be up against a very experienced senior colleague who I respected immensely and had held the post for almost twenty years. Part of me wanted to just admit defeat and I didn’t want to see this colleague made redundant but I became convinced that I owed it to myself and my family to go for something better so I did it. At the interview I fought tooth and nail to present the best version of myself I could possibly be and come across as experienced, innovative and professional. I got the job and my colleague was made redundant. I am not proud of that, but the story has a happy ending for her as she told me it meant she could take early retirement, buy a camper van and spend the rest of her days bumming around Europe with her husband. The last I heard of her she was in Luxembourg.

7. Which of your values do you value the most?

It should be obvious from reading this, but in case you didn’t guess: Family.

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February 13, 2018

Whitby is a gorgeous place. Never had bad fish and chips there either