Acoustic Twombly Cover

There’s a certain pain in acknowledging why a result isn’t realized and still not fully understanding how to realize it.

What I am afraid of is that I could have an outline placed in front of me.  Each step


plotted and planned

and I would still

look up

naive and indifferent, and have no idea what it all means.  What I do know is that the other party suffers the same affliction but with different affectors. Regardless and beyond that

the lack of point

has brought it all to this place

and this moment

of multi-faceted, unhinged clarity.  Either I move towards this or I don’t.  Despite assurances and implications of otherwise

there are reactions



to this plot instance

I just want to find a melody to hum into the negative spaces of my brain. But it is all frenetic and perplexing, like a fever dream that will not break upon reality.

Too far down this path is another abyss

My pants are

dragging beneath my shoes and I can no longer feel the floor.

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March 7, 2018

Move toward clarity and honesty. Always m