Confound it!!!

The borrowers took my 3DS XL and misplaced it. I am sure it will turn up somewheres but for now it’s MIA. Curses!!!! I hate when shit like that happens! I have a feeling where the sneaky bastards hid it too. I just gotta go to the spot. That’s all.

In other news, well, there is no other news. Today is the end of another week, Lil Sis is on til Monday. Then Paula comes and looks after us til Maman comes back Monday evening… I’m losing it. I thought I shut my phone off but it was my Switch … weird eh?

I might try looking for it tomorrow…. I know it’s somewhere. I do.

Watched a bit of Unsolved Mysteries on the quiet room’s tv b4 dinner, which was fish & chips and mixed veg. 

I am on tumblr, as I’m not keen on seeing private parts, anime style or real life. I am @summerp34ch.

Damn borrowers. 🙁

Mark my words though, I WILL FIND IT.

I had better go…


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May 26, 2023

Ugh that sucks. Good luck finding it!

May 26, 2023

@reinehibbert I will tear my room apart bc I swear it’s in here Somewheres!!

May 26, 2023


May 27, 2023

@heffay 🖤🖤🖤

May 27, 2023

How great is unsolved mysteries! I hope you find it x

May 27, 2023

@melancholybaby7 So do I. 🙁