A very productive day…

I had to return the dress as it is wayyyy too small in the bust. I am a buxom person. I am not flat at all … I’d say a C cup? But the dress I had was made for an A cup. 😮 Not me at all.

Anyways, bought some flipflops that fit. 🙂 I gave back Bees her crocs. 🙂 

Um… I bought a mug that says … well..

Isn’t that ingenious? If I must say myself it is! It’s a stoneware mug. Very nice! My sister got a David Bowie mug. It has the signature red Ziggy Stardust zigzag on it.

I am staying in tomorrow as it will be beastly hot out. I hate this type of weather. I like the cold tbh. I prefer it over the heat. I like watching the snow fall on an afternoon in December. 🙂 Call me what you will.. but, idgaf.

Oh! Disregard the sims blog entry. I’m putting my pictures on Imgur. I have Insta, IDK how long for though. Whackjobs find me there for some reason… probably delete that. 🙂 But yeah, my un on imgur is libraryxmouse1010. I’m still on Peach. I love it. I have my Samsung phone back bc Bees wasn’t using it. If Deb brings COVID into the house, I will lend out my Samsung to Bees again. But hopefully that won’t happen????

I need to go use the loo and hit the sack. I’ve stripped me old bed and it is ready for the junk heap. Yay for my Ghost bed!!!!



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June 15, 2022

My chest size always puts me in a larger size dress or shirt

June 16, 2022

@kaliko yeah it sucks finding a proper fitting dress

June 16, 2022

I would love to move to Canada. I’m so tired of stuff in America. So I like your mug. I have a friend who is from Ottawa but she married an American and now lives here. She is desperate to move back to Canada.

June 16, 2022

@heffay come my dear 👌☺️