Bees says that I remind her of Uncle Si….

TBH, I have an inkling why, a) I’m more or less legally blind in one eye (the left) and b) I have a warped sense of humor. My brother just brought in a shit ton of groceries. Most of them are for the Easter dinner. We have yams the size of dinner plates… like super yams or something? LOL

Sir Olivier Doggo of Floof is here. He is the cutest, floofiest dog ever. I have pix on my tablet. I will post them soon. He is a darlin’.

I am beyond happy today. I am having an awesome day so far, and tomorrow when Aunt Lisa comes with Livvy and Bosco and Layla. Bosco is a shih tzu and Layla is a preggo teacup poodle. Her puppies are going to be sooooo tiny!!!

So… I will be back with pix of Ollie. 🙂


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April 14, 2022

I can see you being similar to Uncle Si. You probably drink less tea though, right?

April 14, 2022

@heffay nope. I even drink tea like him lol