I  am so pissed off, that I could spit hellfire and brimstone. Dave decided that my Sims games (with exception of the 3rd one) needs to be deleted… and bought legally. I did that with the Sims 3 so, I’m just waiting on Bees to return home, so that I can buy the second game legally. You would think that an older game like the Sims 2 wouldn’t rouse any suspicions. But I guess the Sims 4 is too new. I guess, that I am a bad person. But, I will be happy with the Sims 2 & 3. 

/rant over.

I fucking hate Rogers Internet. I fucking hate EA.

Maybe rant not over lmao. 

Today is the opposite of yesterday. FUCKING SHIT.

I’m off to cry now.

Sammy 😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😫


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6 days ago

It none of their business if it is legal or not! Let you play and enjoy

@kaliko Thank you! 😀

6 days ago

I’m sorry Sammy. It used to be much easier to get things. Now the ISPs can tell everything you do unless you have a really good VPN. The type of VPN that you have to pay for.

Ah, I’m getting the games legally now … 

6 days ago

Aw … I hate it when life goes sideways.  Hope you get it under control soon!