Exploration Date? Hmm…

Seeing that I have agoraphobia and don’t travel almost at all… this question is moot. So, I’ll do tomorrow’s.

Sept 12th – What was your favorite plaything as a child?

I had this Snoopy doll, and I also had miniature grocery items like soup cans or boxes of stuff that was actually a real food. It is hard to explain. The 70’s was a weird time to be a child.

#Heardle #199



Absolutely love this band. I was sung Surfer Girl as a lullaby as a kid, and so every time I hear it, I tend to get sleepy. Ha!!!



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2 weeks ago

Definitely my dolls.  My favorite was a small one named Linda.  Next to that would be my Barbies.  My twin sister and I spent many hours playing with them.

@happyathome I liked dolls too but unfortunately I had a lot of boys to contend with so, it was mostly G.I. Joe figures that me and my foster brother Andy tossed up on the roof. LOL