Fat lot of good they did me….

Sept 14th – Have you ever used an online dating service?

Yupp. Mate1, POF… Jewish Mingle… none of them worked out. They all were too old, not interested in me, or just wanted nookie. Utter bollocks.

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Oh my hell. If they had started the clip in the middle I would have got it.

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I used a dating service once.  It didn’t end so well so it was something i never did ever again.  Sometimes going through things once is enough.

@robertsmith Same here. 🙁

2 weeks ago

No, I never have.  When I wasn’t married, back in the 80’s, there was no such thing as the internet.  If I found myself single again I think I’d be too afraid to use a dating service.

@happyathome Good! They are as @caria says are crap.

2 weeks ago

I always heard the dating services are crap.

@caria Agreed my dear Carina!

2 weeks ago

I’ve found my current boyfriend and last boyfriend and ex husband on a dating app.

I prefer dating apps because they are faster to get to know people and it tells all their info up front like if they want kids or not or looking for a serious relationship.

Though, it is true that there are a lot of creeps out there too but just as much there are good as well :))

@anhmymuminah Idk Muminah. I have yet to find a guy that will like me for me.

2 weeks ago

I don’t like dating apps or services.

@heffay Same here love.

2 weeks ago

It’s been awhile since I was on the dating scene, but it could be tough and exhausting.  <3

@celestialflutter Def my friend 🙂

2 weeks ago

Sorry you had bad experience. 😕 I have had not past experience using one. But why don’t you just join a community of people with similar interest and make that a social thing and maybe you will meet someone there.

@ncumisa I think I might. Like, myspace? (Oh lawd.. I just dated myself ha!!)

2 weeks ago


@ncumisa 😁😁😂😂