Friday the 13th

Are you the superstitious kind?

Sorry, just had to include this. Love this song. It is fitting to this entry…

I am sort of superstitious about Friday the 13th, I mean, 3 years ago on this date, I broke my right wrist by tripping on the rug. Now, ordinarily I am a klutz, I will freely admit to that, but the weird fact, that this was Friday the 13th? Yeah.

I am just waiting for breakfast. We are having oatmeal and eggs up here in the Covid section of the house. We are being quarantined til further notice. Gabby is healthier as ever and I am feeling good too, and Julz still has the cough but that’s it. I hope soon. 😀

I saw Bees in the garden last night. Mom took us out, I am grateful for this. I miss her like crazy.

Well… hopefully I will get a bath today??



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5 days ago

I’m not really superstitious.

Did you know that before Christianity Friday and #13 was associated with positive and feminine associations in the ancient times?  Friday the 13th as bad luck came about as patriarchy and christanity came together. I love history :))

@anhmymuminah Really? That is cool.

5 days ago

I hope you guys can break out of quarantine soon!  You must be bored silly!

Sleepy Gene and I are wondering if an American came to Canada — not to immigrate but just to get an abortion — could they get an abortion?  Inquiring minds want to know!


Yeah, I am getting cabin fever, and I’m the only one out of 3 that don’t have Covid!!!

4 days ago

@sambucathedestroyer Thanks for the link.  Amazing how much more civilized Canada is than here!

If you don’t have COVID, why are you locked up with those guys?

@ghostdancer I wish I knew and yes, Canadians are a civilized bunch heh..

5 days ago

I am happy to hear that it sounds like COVID hasn’t been too severe for you guys and that you guys are recovering nicely

@heffay I am one of three that doesn’t have it. I’m stuck with 2 sick people!!