Getting closer… and closer!!!!

Not this Saturday, but the next one is my 48th birthday. I share July 2nd with @darkmadonna. I will be having my birthday dinner a bit early… bc J wants to treat me and my girls… I’m having Caribbean-Chinese food. I am going to order chicken wings and fried rice. As you know, the Caribbean St Grill, the restaurant we are ordering from are legendary for their chicken wings. Friday… that’s when we will order. 

I finally found the perfect starter to my Cabbage Patch Kids collection. The only one I need really and then next month I can get a reborn. And yes, maybe in September or October (more likely October) I was thinking about getting a Switch Lite. The operative words here are thinking about … bc maybe I can put off buying it until like January? We shall see what Heather says. Right now she wants me to focus on photography, fresh air and having summer fun with my girls. Which is reasonable… 

Speaking of the weather, it has gone grey again. The weather has gone bonkers.. once again. Fun times in Newmarket Canada.

I got my Ghostbed and now all I need are my CHL Montreal Canadiens bedsheets and comforter and accoutrements. That will arrive this week some time. 🙂 CAN NOT WAIT!! Speaking of hockey! LETS GO AVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want Bees to cheer on the Avs… whenever I think of anything Colorado, I think of dear sweet Jeffy @heffay

We shall see! 😀 I am a great persuader… I think. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough out of me… gosh I’m such a motormouth!!


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2 weeks ago

Happy birthday in advance wow I thought you were younger than about to be 48

2 weeks ago

@authoratwork ty Marina 😁

2 weeks ago

It sounds like you have a nice birthday planned out.

Thank you for the support. Go Avs 🙂

2 weeks ago

@heffay they will win. 😉🥰

2 weeks ago

I’ve never had Caribbean food.  What’s it like?

How hot is it there?  I bet it’s very nice there.

2 weeks ago

@happyathome it varies… in the summer it gets super hot and in the winter it’s like a freezer…. and Caribbean food is delicious!!!