Ghost Bed installation today…

If and when my brother gets here. Well, not if but when is more the case. Ry is on island time just like Dave… although Dave is a bit more … so. Yesterday Anne my friend took us on a walk, we kind of stalked her hubby as a joke. Murray is a great sport. Gotta love him. We saw major construction on Lorne and Davis. They are putting in new sewer pipes and water pipes. So… that will be good non? Right now, the sky is hard to decipher, whether or not it will rain or not. Siri tells me that it will.

Holy shit my sister Julie sleeps through anything! It’s now 5:20a and I have the lights on, and she is dead to the world! I kind of envy that, bc I get up at the asscrack of dawn. I was watching a bit of anime — Pokemon Black and White. I love how Ash goes about trying to be the best. He fails a lot actually… and I love Chili..

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So cute. 🙂 And like him, I like the fire type…

My favorite typing is actually dark/fire/grass/fairy.

Love Houndoom. That canine is epic.

I must have burned a bit bc I have peeling skin. Oh the joys of being a redhead eh?

I cannot wait for my new bed. I have had it with this craptastic bed.

Hm. Maybe it won’t rain, but it is windy… again. T’was windy yesterday too. Fuck! It’s going to be 30c out. I think that with this kind of weather, there are bound to be massive t-storms… which is good bc I heart them.

I’m going to fill my new mug up with water and then post on my DW.



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