I’m known for this…

Sept 22 – What is something you’re known for?

I don’t take *dolphin noises* from anyone. I am known for this. I am also known (online anyways) for my ranting and/or ravings.

I had a dream last night that I was very tight with Nick Carter…. *dolphin noises* for real eh???

#Heardle #210



Yepp… I also love this band but I needed a little more… my brain is still asleep at 4:30 in the morning ha! I was devastated when he killed himself but in the end I believe it was Courtney.

#Emovi 🎬 #68

LOVED this movie. It was a fine performance for him… and her.


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2 days ago

Well the movie is easy. Assuming I’m correct. I’ll check in a second. You are a morning person, it seems. I am not.

@heffay Yepp… I’m def a morning person. 😀

2 days ago

Hmmm, my quilts and hopefully for being a good mother.  Other than that I really don’t know.

@happyathome Cool. I love quilts. And you are. <3

1 day ago

@sambucathedestroyer Awwww, thanks friend 🙂