Lazy Saturday

Good morning my lovelies, it’s your cooped up friend Sammy Joe. Well, I survived Friday the 13th, and now I’m getting ready to do my regular Saturday maintenance. Just because Covid is here doesn’t mean I can slack off on poor Lyric.

I think I’m going to ask for my game system and cord. That will keep me busy lol… I know Gabby has gotten better and is now done her 10 days, but poor Julz my big sis still has the nagging cough. And I’m feeling fine. Julz is a sweetie. She is ordering us dinner from the Pickle Barrel for me, Gabby, Mom, Bees and herself and Ry-Ry. I can’t decide between the English style fish and chips or the bacon cheeseburger with onion rings? What do y’all think? We had fish n chips yesterday, but I love it, but that burger sounds yummy!

I am going to the loo and then, I’ll begin my weekly duties.


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4 days ago

That photo is fabulous!

Heh! TY 😀

4 days ago

you really look very pretty as a blonde!

@kaliko I had strawberry blonde hair as a baby… it darkened to auburn later on.

3 days ago

I hope you continue to feel healthy! I’m sorry you have to be separated like that. I’m glad you have your games to keep you amused.

@darkmadonna I do. 🙂 And I am.

2 days ago

Cute glasses

@heavenssake Snapchat filter