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July 30th –Β How many true best f riends are present in your life?

Two. Bees and Julie. I love them both very much. <3

#Worldle #190 X/6 (89%)

So close!!

Wordle 406 6/6



Absurdle 8/∞ https://qntm.org/files/absurdle/absurdle.html


A record!! 8 guesses!

#Heardle #156



I am a HUGE fan of them. Love punk rock!!!!



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1 week ago

Not counting my sisters, I have only one true best friend. Β Her name is Bonnie and we have been friends since Kindergarten. Β We were best friends on and off all the way through school. Β After graduation we lost contact for around 30 years but then reconnected when she got a divorce and moved back home to her mom and dad’s home. Β Now we are best friends again and I am so happy to have her back in my life. Β I love having a best friend again.

My sisters are also like best friends and I am very close to both of them…my twin sister and my older sister who is three years older than us. Β I need to make more time to spend with them. Β Life just gets in the way sometimes but I need to make time for them.

@happyathome Bees is my oldest bff, I have known her since college in 1997. πŸ˜€ Julz, I have known since 3 years ago but we are thisclose. Yeah, life does get in the way.