Quid est…

It is what it is. Quid est. I have downloaded a shit ton of stuff for the Sims 3. Right now, I’m enjoying the new werewolves ep, for the Sims 4. They are prettier than the Sims 3 weres, and not as nearly as hard to get as the ones in the Sims 2. I recently bought the Sims 3, and of course, I have the Sims 2.Β 

Today is Wednesday and Mama Lisa comes on Friday til Sunday… bc Mama Wendy’s fam is here and obv. she wants to spend time with them. πŸ™‚ So, I will take videos and pix of the pups once again. Julie remarked last night that Eddie has been dead for two whole weeks. I can’t believe that, just a short while ago, Mom held him in a soft blanket, and let everyone say their goodbyes. Jeezly crow.

Life comes and goes, you know??


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1 week ago

Time can go by so fast

@heffay yupp 😊😩