Risky business…

And nope, it’s not the Tom Cruise movie either.

Sept 20th – What is the biggest risk you’ve taken?

Probably moving to this group home. Before that, all I have ever known was foster homes and even at one point, homeless shelters. So, going from that to this? Yeah. 😀

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I had to hear a bit more but I got it. I love this song!!

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Absolutely love this movie!!! I hate the main actor some but…. terrific movie nonetheless.


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4 days ago

How long have you lived at that group home?

@heffay About 16 yrs

2 days ago

Probably having my tubal reversed so we could have another baby…that’s how we got Landon :-). It was a risk that paid off for sure.

@happyathome Landon is a treasure for sure Vicki. 🙂