Road trip anyone??

September 23rd – Is there a road trip you’d like to take?

First off, I don’t drive, but if I did, I would buy an RV and travel across Canada and perhaps the US if I can get a passport. 🙂 But definitely across Canada. And secondly, atm no.

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1 day ago

I’m not a driver either! I’d love to go back to the Scottish Highlands! Hubby drove us there ages ago when we booked a self-catering flat miles from anywhere in 2019! We drove for 30+ miles through the wilderness without seeing anyone else! No people, not even any animals! Just the odd derelict barn or cottage and that was it! I was silently freaking out incase we broke down or if hubby became ill and couldn’t carry on driving as there was absolutely no phone signal up there but we made it to the flat safely enough!

@piddlepot Wow! I’d love to visit Europe too once this Covid *dolphin noises* settles – if it ever does!

1 day ago

Sammy, you just need to go on a road trip where someone else does the driving. They’re very fun of you’re with the right people.

@heffay Cool. I can be the backseat driver uwu LOL

1 day ago

I have been in northern Mexico and the southern US for a while and I miss the landscapes of the north where I’m from so yes I think I would do a Canada road trip, start in Nova Scotia (or Newfoundland if I can start with a boat trip), Cape Breton or something and just head west and maybe head south of the border at times to places like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Montana along the way… ending up in the territories and Alaska.

@willowoceanseed That sounds fun! 😀

1 day ago

I’d love to do a Canada road trip. I did one coast to coast in the US years ago. Not in an RV though. I drove my car and stayed in cheap hotels. If I were to do it again I’d do hostels and bnb’s.

@catholicchristian Canada has some great B&Bs. 🙂

1 day ago

I love road trips. But I don’t own a car anymore, so I’d have to rent, which would be expensive. At least it’s fun to think of where we would go if we could.

@kotila I used to look at the Rand McNally guide and dream about what the places might be like….

24 hours ago

that be  fun to  travel across Canada and perhaps the US