School sucked but hey….

August 30th –Β In school, which subject(s) do/did you find the most difficult?

Maths and science and all that crap. I have dyscalculia. My brain bleeds when I have to do mathematical stuff.

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Nope. πŸ™‚ Don’t listen to them.

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4 weeks ago

I still don’t get your wordle stuff.

I actually loved school!

English – Loved Subject and Class

Afrikaans – Enjoyed the class but hated the subject

Accounting – Loved Subject and Class

Maths – Found it hard but enjoyed the subject and class

Science – Found it hard and didn’t like class

Biology – Loved the subject and class

@ncumisa I hated school. English and Art were my strongest subjects.

4 weeks ago

I wish I could go back to school days! Life was so much easier when I was younger.

@ncumisa I think for some yes. Not me though.

4 weeks ago

I had the most trouble with Geometry…just couldn’t understand it.

@happyathome Geography was another subject I was ok at.

4 weeks ago

I never knew there was such a thing as discalculia. I don’t have that but I did poorly in math and science and believe now that I have math anxiety. I got tears in my eyes once when I interviewed a college math professor who wrote a book on how to help people like me master math. He let me know that it wasn’t my fault — I’d been taught poorly and categorized early in life as ‘dumb’ when it came to math. It made me feel so much better.

@darkmadonnaΒ You are not dumb DM. Just not taught right. There is a difference.Β Remember that.

4 weeks ago

Math and chemistry were my worst. I had a lot of anxiety with these classes and my eyes would burn after doing math. I always did great with word subjects. Spanish, literature, speech, etc. I also loved music and did chorus, and band.

@celestialflutter I was in choir and I played violin 🎻 and kazoo lol

4 weeks ago

@sambucathedestroyer I play violin too! Sweet!

@celestialflutter these days my main instrument is my voice