Simming again…

That’s one hell of a pompadour LOL!!


I may have modeled him slightly after Ed Sheeran. Ha. This is Burke Wilde and the woman behind him is his wife Olivia.



Both are Leos. He is handy, family oriented, frugal, athletic and a computer wiz… and likes blue, egg rolls, and rock music, she is a natural cook, family oriented, a klepto, artistic, and a computer wiz also, and she likes pink, tri-tip steak and also rock. So they have some things in common. I made him handy in case things break which they are bound to happen. And she is a natural cook so, she can make the meals and put them away for her hubby to eat later… or whatever.

I will play more when I can. I need more sleep and I need to do stuff..

<3 Sammy

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7 days ago

I love your Sims posts! You’re very creative and your characters are always so interesting 🙂

@queengloom Thank you. 🙂