Hello again, it turns out that I am the only one in this room of 3 ladies… that does not have Covid 19. So, in essence, I am stuck for an indefinite time with two sick people!! There isn’t anything I can do either. 😮 

Your dear friend is going to go loco if they don’t get away soon. 😮


But, thank the Lord, He has protected me thus far. He will protect me further…. 



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4 days ago

You will make it through this. Just try to rest and make sure you have a good way to spend your time.

@heffay Thank you love. 🙂

4 days ago

Would you prefer to quarantine alone?  Your roommates could be giving you an unnecessary risk of getting Covid yourself.

@sleepygene tbh yes 🙁

4 days ago

I hope they heal quickly and you might not get it!

@kaliko Me too Kat.

3 days ago

Yikes! Stay safe.

@heavenssake <3 Merci!