The Kincaid Legacy…

And is this one a doozy..


First off, this is a Sims 2 legacy, in case you are new to the games… this be Samantha, and Richard. Richard looks a bit perplexed but he is a doll. I will miss him lots when he goes… and Sam, his wife is talking with their daughter and their son is behind Richard… speaking of,


Chelsea their daughter, isn’t she beautiful?? I love how she turned out.


Darren their son. He turned out great too. 🙂

Darren met Joanne Wilsonoff…


Love that girl’s smile…


He likes blondes so… I made her blonde and I also changed HER likes to brunettes…

They got married in true Sammy style in the bathroom. (And this coming from a person with the new Sims 4 wedding ep…. eep!)


Meanwhile Chels tries to win over Cadence Buckingham…

Did it work?? YOU tell ME.



Currently, there are 6 adults on the lot with no kids *yet*

I have Boiling Oil’s Unlimited sims mod. So… the sky is the limit.. as to how many kidlets and adults can be on the lot. And I will admit, if I was a sim in the Sims 3 or 4, I’d have the evil trait. Just sayin’. You will find out why too.

All in due time.


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June 14, 2022

I have seen the evil trait. That’s the one that lets them stab people, right?

June 15, 2022

@heffay IDK I think maybe… ha.