The operative word here is tomorrow!

Sorry it’s such a dark pic but this is the new case, and we can pick up the deposit on Monday. So that is good. After church, Bees, Julz and I are heading downtown and to Fairy Lake and the splash pad. We WERE supposed to go today but Bees was in a lot of pain and so we just hung about home and played with Bu and Eddie. Malibu (or Bu/Bu-bear) is Mom’s hubby’s dog. He is such a gentle soul. I want to dognap him. LOL!!!!

I was on TikTok for awhile and I snapchatted Mom and Julz.

I need to get to sleep bc we are having bacon and eggs tomorrow. Bacon is a rarity here… and yes, I’m being a bad Jew… idgaf. We have it so damn rarely, it’s a treat. And Ry is coming to work in the backyard. 🙂 He was working with JS today but he’s all ours tomorrow.

Pix coming!! Look forward to late afternoon pix. Or Monday morning.

I think I might have signed up for a Cutco knife demo. Is anyone familiar with this????? It’s all greek to me.

Church tomorrow but I’m skipping it. I want to sim… 🙂 If you think I’m a horrible Jew, I make an even worse Christian. 🤣🤣🤣 

I’m tired now.



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4 weeks ago

Oh Sammy, you probably don’t need a cutco knife. They are essentially door to door salespeople. They come and try to convince you their expensive knives are superior. If you buy them, then they harass you every once in a while about having people come by to sharpen them and show you new products.

Enjoy the bacon! The sinning makes it taste better! 🙂

4 weeks ago

@heffay Thank you for the forewarning. 😀 TY I <3 bacon. 🙂

4 weeks ago

What a cute, cute case…I love it!!!

4 weeks ago

@happyathome <3 TY Vicki