Too much? Nah..

September 21st –Β Is there something you have too much of?

Tech. LOL!!! I have a Sony Vaio computer, a red 3ds, an iPad Air, an iPhone 7, and a Amazon Fire tablet… XD

#Heardle #209


Never heard of this singer or song.

#Emovi 🎬 #67

What does corn have to do with things???


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3 days ago

Shoes. I love shoes and I am weak when I see a new pair I love.

@celestialflutter I love Chuck Taylors. πŸ˜€ I absolutely need a pair… hmm… maybe in March???

3 days ago

You and your gadgets. Whatever makes you happy, Sammy.

@heffayΒ gigglesnort

2 days ago

I have too many gel pens and coloring books. Β I also have too many crochet needles.

@happyathome Gel pens are the best and so glittery though! LOL I love coloring on my ipad.