June 22nd – Do you overeat at special occasions? (birthdays, holidays, etc)

Yes. I have to admit that I do. I tend to overeat in general. I’m a fat pig.

I’ll have the games back tomorrow bc I had to exorcise my computer of viruses yet again. *rolls eyes* So.. the Leafs are still in the playoffs. That my dear is a goddamned fluke bc they suck like the old car suck oil. Seriously! They haven’t won since Barilko!!  See, we Canadians are passionate about hockey. Ha. That’s not just a stereotype either. 😛

The Avs are still in which is good!

I will show you my preemie CPK once she arrives. I am also buying twin CPK too next month. If they are still up for sale that is. One girl, and one boy, dressed in tartan and the boy is wearing a tam.

I didn’t have a good night sleep last night, bc of the heatwave that we are experiencing now. 🙁 So… I wrestled with my computer…. fun shit.

Also, yesterday the heat made me logy… so I slept half the day… urgh…


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2 weeks ago

Yep, I sure do :-). I think I eat the most on New Year’s Eve.  We bake a ham, peas, cabbage, homemade bread and some sweets.  At birthdays I just overeat CAKE because that is one of my weaknesses.

2 weeks ago

@happyathome yum… I love ham. Birthday 🎂 is my weakness too. Lol

2 weeks ago

had no clue this was you until I read it lol scary pic too

2 weeks ago

@kaliko Hee!!! 😀

2 weeks ago

Sammmmmy. The Leafs are out of the playoffs. They lost in the first round to Tampa Bay. The only two teams remaining are Tampa Bay and the Avs.

2 weeks ago

@heffay GO AVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 weeks ago

@sambucathedestroyer They only need one more win Sammy 😬