I found a place for my Sims stuff. You can comment here or there. Today, I may be able to sim sometime after my bath. Liz comes early on Fridays: after lunch. Soo… I will take my 3DS, and I will game for an hour or so, after lunch. Tomorrow will be rather busy bc Gabby wants to clean the room and I need to do my computer maintenance, and Sunday is a no go bc it will be busier than hell… Monday and the rest of the week, yes, for sure. But this weekend? Try is the operative word here.

I finally got my Libre sensor working! Hurrah!!! Now I gotta see if there is one on my iPhone that will work, otherwise, I gotta hijack my sister’s phone. Ha! Anyways, today is one step closer to freedom. And on Monday we have a house meeting, so, this should be good.

My neck is stiff. My whole body is stiff. I need to get up and walk around. I need fresh air.


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