Well, things are looking up. I got myself out of the stuck e-mail problem…. apparently @heffay, my computer was logged into my old Gmail and I guess it held onto the account! 😀 And, I traded phones with Julz, she has the iPhone and I have her Samsung, bc there is a diabetes app on there that I need that I can’t get on the other phone. 🙂

I don’t know if I have Covid or not, but I feel fine. I haven’t lost my sense of smell… I still have my appetite… so… idk wtf is going on, really… I am fully vaxxed and boostered so…. *shrugs*

I am just going to stay with my girl Julz until the 10 days are up, and we are tested again… plus Gabby needs a little TLC… so.. I’m in it for the long haul.

If I do have it, I take comfort in knowing that I have the antibodies now…

So, my beautiful people, what is up??


And yepp… I got my computer back, so, at my Letterkenny blog (@ LJ?) I will be simming! W00t!!

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6 days ago

I hope it is not COVID! I feel bad today too. I took COVID  test  and thankfully it was negative

@kaliko They are treating it as Covid. 🙁

6 days ago

Hooray for escaping from gmail!  God knows it’s not easy to do!  I started the process over a month ago & am still battling my way to freedom.

@ghostdancer GET AN IPHONE/IPAD. They come with iCloud accounts. <3

5 days ago

@sambucathedestroyer I don’t think I can afford an iPhone/iPad.  My little LG phone is refurbished from Tracfone & it only cost $20.  iPhones are in the hundreds of dollars.

5 days ago

I am glad you got the email situation figured out