How is it when you are in a relationship with someone who you give your all to can there be days and times you feel all alone? I just want to lash out and scream…..pick please……pick me or her…….just pick!!!! Why when I show her what real love is like does she continue to talk to her… she still attached to that toxic love. It’s so hard because she still talks to her cuz she wants to be a part of the life of her boys. I feel like I’m making her pick me or the boys. The ex has so much pull to shove toxins back in her because she has the kids. I wish I could make her choose me and leave all of her old life behind but how do you make someone choose you over kids who have been with her for 6+ years?

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August 13, 2019

I don’t know he whole story… sounds very frustrating… its very tricky when there are kids involved with a break up. especially when there is 6 years invested 🙁 Good luck.  I will say, for me, if Im asked to choose it probably wouldn’t go well for the person requesting I choose. I would talk to her and ask if there is a way kids can be dropped off for a visit with out x being involved. XOXO