Life Update

LOVE LIFE: Things Are going great between me and Larry. We are getting along much better and have resolved Alot of our issues. Communication is the Key factor in a relationship and one of the factors we were failing at in the past. this has changed and now that we are communicating openly things are going much better.

WORK: So normally I am one of those people who remains pretty calm at work and can show customers respect even when they do not show me respects however the other day i had this costumer who was all up in my face and kept telling me i didnt know how to do my job needless to say he pushed me over the edge!!! I slammed a book down on the counter in front of him and Yelled at Him HERE THIS IS WHAT THE POLICY IS AND IM DOING MY JOB THE WAY I WAS TRAINED!!!!! Well I didnt get fired but i did get a kinda firm warning i think my boss let me off a little easy cuz the guy was just as rude and disrespectful to my manager as he was being to me.

DAKOTA CONSELING: Dakota is doing good with learning to control his anger and learning to deal with issues better. due to this our conseling sessions are being changed to once a month verses once a week. They did not diagnos him bi polar cuz they said he is too young to diagnose however they say he has alot of the symptoms of someone with bi polar disorder so they are giving him a mood stabiizer which seems to be helping.

DESERE: My boyfriends Daughter is now living with her mom during the school year. this decision was made due to the fact that her moms heath condition is very poor and time with desere is becoming very limited due to her medical condition.  She has Chrones disease and also lupis. For those that are unaware the combination of these 2 conditions are fatal. Please keep not only desere in your Prayers a she will need all the prayers she can get as her mothers condition becomes worse but also keep her mom in your prayers. Thank you.

MY NEPHEW RYAN LEE: My nephew is getting so big and groweing so fast I am very Excited to report that He is still doing excellent. It amazes me that he can somehow get me wrapped around those little fingers of his but i know he can cuz im right there. The kid is spoiled rotten by ANTIE Sam for SURE!!!!!

MY PREGO SISTER: My other little Sister who is due Feb 28th is having an Excellent Pregnancy however she loving being pregnant so much she is unsure if she wants to let the little guy out. She is measuring a little big but nothing major and everything is going as it should.

PRAISE TO GOD!!: My Youngest is Thanks to God (Gotta give Praise) Perfectly fine with only some small bumps and bruises after being involved in a Snowmobile accident today while out snow mobiling with her dads (my ex’s) side of the Family. She was being pulled on a sled behind a snowmobile when she fell off the Sled her cousin came around the corner and didn’t see her and ran over her. Like I said though Thanks to God the only injuries was a small bruise on her head right above her eye a small scrape under her chin and a bruised knee. Thank you God for being with my Baby.  And to all you snowmobilers out there enjoy the ride but make sure to be Safe.

Well I think that is it for tonight. Nite everyone!!!

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January 10, 2010

I loved reading your update!! Yes thank the Lord that your baby girl is doing very well despite the pretty serious demeanor of the accident. I am happy that things with Larry are going very well for you and he! YAY! I miss ya girl!!! Muah