Pride was not what i thought it was going to be. C.T. Says If I want to attend a good Pride I should go to one in Millwakee He had just came back from there he said it was way bigger and way better my cousin lives in Texas and im waiting for her to let me know how the one she went to was I guess they are having on in houston this weekend……My next goal is going to a major city for pride….IDK maybe Chicago. Anyone know of any Awesome Pride Events????

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June 27, 2009

Wow, was this your first Pride walk? I’m asking because I’ve never been to one and there’s one tomorrow in Istanbul, Turkey and even though I’d like to go, I’m kind of uhh, shy about it. So what’s it like? I mean I have a feeling that it might make me feel overexposed given that I’m not totally out, so I don’t think I’m going, maybe next year, but I’d like to hear what it’s like to acually walk it