Good morning! have a good day :)

So I decided I’m going to nail school. I’m really excited and I found a school thats pretty cool I just gotta know if they accept financial aid. I’m suuuuuper excited because my best friend is also going to nail school and we want to open up a nail salon someday. We also want to move to oregon. I didn’t get the job for the interview because they were too full. Which why would you even give me the interview? But I’ve been applying for other places.

I haven’t really been hearing voices lately. The medication seems to be working!!! I’m so happy right now.

Anyways I hope everyone is doing well and has a fantastic day!

Peace and love 🙂

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December 20, 2020


December 20, 2020

I also think I hear voices at night. I turn off my tablet but then they stop.

Good luck on nail school. I use to love getting my nails done.