Psychotic mess

I know I’ve been posting a lot on here but i don’t really fucking care. I just wanna write down my feelings and I’ve been feeling super depressed even though things have been going great lately. Like i have the most amazing boyfriend. Who’s always there for me when I’m scared and alone. He tells me I don’t need to deal with anything alone and that really helps. He is literally the best in every way. I finally found the perfect man and I’m gonna give him everything he deserves. He is gonna get it all. I know the only reason I’m depressed is because of my mental illness. I just feel so trapped in my own mind. I just don’t want to be in my room because thats the center point for my psychoticneth. I feel like I’m being watched CONSTANTLY. It’s so exausting I just want to die. This is literally a cry for help lmao. I kinda just wanna drink and drown in my own sorrow okok ill quit being stupid but anyways I hope some people are doing better then me and if anyone wants to talk I’m totally open!




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December 8, 2020

Word of advice, don’t shut him out. I shut my guy out last week when I just couldn’t deal with my depression and anxiety anymore. At least be open with him. Just because things are going well doesn’t mean a moment of depression or anxiety won’t happen. It will. But eventually depression does get easier. Sidenote I’ve been in counseling five years. lol.

December 8, 2020

@seablue4u Thank you so much for your response! I won’t and hopefully it does get better.

December 8, 2020

Usually when u r most at ease it is the time depression will sneak out because u r less guarded

December 8, 2020

@kaliko a bit confused

I have the same disease. You aren’t alone big hugs

December 9, 2020

@zombieinfusedtea aww thank u

@schizophrenic PM me if you want to talk. 🙂