meatloaf tasts good with rice

saw meatloaf on tues. with monica,

pretty good show it was an outside show and we were surranded by older ppl and such but really good show monica seemed to really enjoy herself too

thursday me and her and 2 of my buddies, saw system of a down, this was monica’s first time on the floor of a consert so we got up as close as we could to the stage, there was just one person infront  of her most of the time

yea that was a pretty good show also but i didn’t care for iether of there opening acts system had hella (some hippie band that were all high as shit and sounded like it) and mars revelta (sp) i didn’t care for them either

meatloafs openinger i dunno who he was it was an acustic act so it was cool but the sound stystem wasn’t that loud so we could talk right over it like it was cool, and neither of us paid him much attention

lets see consert wise me and monica and richard and probly his gf gonna go see nine inch nails on the 8th and i gonna buy tickets tomaro for transsiberion orchistra on dec 9 i dunno who all gonna go see that but tonight i gonna bring a dvd of trans. and i know she would probly go


lol she loves the fact that withen a couple of weeks she would havedouble the many concerts as she ever seen in her life)


i guess i good for that

so yea in case yall can’t figure out i’m still unemployed but i have a blast with my new gf, who actly is like the chick that ppl would tell me i would never be able to go out with

so to them whom i also laugh at and say that they just don’t know me, now that they actly see who i been going out with and stuff they eat they words


well anyways toodles my darlings


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Thats awsome that you had a good time at the concerts. I have been to only three concerts and they were all country. none of my friends are really into ne thing else, so we go to contry concerts. We’ve gone to blake shelton, lonestar&Jimmy Wayne,Brooks and dunn & Gretchen wilson. They were all pretty good. RYN:If you like wierd dreams, you can have mine! lol Minnie

October 3, 2005

thats sweet i am happy that you are enjoying time with ur gf. ya i still gotta figure out my situation. peace love Felicia

August 19, 2008

you still write on here? it’s been like 2 years, lol.

August 19, 2008

the entry right before that has pictures! shesh. I thought you didn’t come back any more because you got caught in a toad trap. Glad to hear you didn’t. dynne

September 6, 2010

RYN: Cleaning sucks. But, I don’t like living in filth. It’s a tough choice. Plus, I need to impress a lady….

September 7, 2010

That’s something coming from a guy who hasn’t written anything since 2005 😛 I LIKE my picture! d