very sad news (updated)

Toad: i dunno how this could have happend

Scott: . . .

Toad: stop whinning

Scott: . . .

Toad: get over it, this bitch is moping over nothing

Scott: is ant nothing

Toad: its only a comic strip

Scott: no its not . . .

Toad: Sluggy freelance is down today

Scott: whaaa whaaa

Toad: first time in over 8 yrs he don’t have his sluggy to read

Scott: i get typing and it ant coming up

song of the day: anything by skid row



p.s. hasn’t updated most of september,  that sux too


 (updated) sluggy back up now

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September 15, 2005

hm. i’ll have to check sluggy out. glad it’s working again. you must have been just DYING. 🙂 take care,

September 16, 2005

thanks for the note about my little paragraph thing. a few of my friends said they thought for a second it was me too lol.

September 16, 2005

i wish i knew what was goin on in your entry…maybe if i read it again i’ll figure it out… ryn…yes..drugs are now officially…BAD! lol take care ~Des~

September 17, 2005

Toad Toad, if you’re coming all the way out here to be in the show there’s a guys part for you (but if you want to play a girl…) Dynne Forever!