Today is a very, very, very happy day for me! Last night I wrote double A a very revealing e-mail. I told Axle how I really felt about him. I told him how much I loved him. I told him that I wouldn’t blame him if he did not feel the same. I said that I could deny my feelings and keep it to myself, but I wanted to be honest with him and that I never wanted to lose him. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done! I thought about sending him this e-mail for half an hour. For half an hour I debated whether to send it or not. Then a sudden surge of strength drew forth from within and I did it!

I wrote the e-mail. It only took me 15 minutes. I attached a picture of my Axle Bear…a lovely bear my brother, John and his wife Olga gave me from London, England, and my other Gund Bear. I also attached the song, Silly Love Songs by Paul McCartney. Then I sat and read and re-read the letter. Then I went bold and sent it! I anticipated his reaction! In my brain, I rehearsed

his reactions. In my head, he rejected me ever so gently.

I was sad! Devasted as I was in fifth grade. All night long I worried and prayed to St. Anthony of Padua, the Patron Saint of matchmakers to please help me.

In the morning, I logged on. There was Axle paging me. He told me that he read my e-mail and it was ok…he loved me equally if not more. I was excited! My heart could not contain the joy it felt. He loves me!

He loves me! He told me that he wanted me in his life.

Told me what a wonderful woman I am. How I have always been there for him in his sadness. I pledged my love to him. He sent me a myriad of kisses and hugs. It was so sweet. I am so in love! For the first time in my life, someone has accepted me as I am…and has shown me his love and kindness. This is Christmas!!!!!

This has been the best Christmas present ever!!!!

Hugs and kisses, my sweet AxleBear!


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