I’m still around. Just not on this site much. Seems like I have the same thing going on in my life. Work Mon-Fri. Weekends are fairly boring.

We never went camping last weekend. The camping was for people in the open relationship lifestyle. I had my period. Didn’t really want to be around many people. And I wouldn’t have been able to do anything. That weekend was a little cool and rainy all weekend anyway.

I had my 4 year review at work on Thursday. It went well. My raise is pending approval from HR and my boss’s boss. Boss asked me what specific jobs I like doing. Asked if I want to stay in 1 place or bounce around. Boss says I get along with my fellow coworkers. Honestly, don’t care for most of my coworkers. Barely talk to them. There is 1 that currently annoys me a lot at the moment. He’s been at the company since last November. He is early/mid 20s. He acts like he runs the joint, has listening issues, and doesn’t do his part in cleaning; claiming it’s not worth anything to clean.

Been hot here lately. Temps 85-100 this week and for this weekend.

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June 28, 2019

If you don’t have strong feelings about whether you want to be in one place or move around, tell them whatever benefits the company the most.¬† A company appreciates having options with an employee and it makes¬† you more valuable.