I don’t want to see when I last wrote.

I had a birthday a few weeks ago (Oct 20). I only worked 3 hours, left work around 9 AM. Drove to my hometown. Met up with a friend for a couple drinks. Stayed in my hometown for a couple days (Wednesday afternoon til Friday morning). I saw my mom for a bit. I don’t stay at her house cause she smokes so much and it’s disgusting to stay there. Plus her house is dirty, filthy (like hoarding…and soot from her smoking). I stayed at a hotel.

The Thursday while I was up there my check engine light came on. I was in a panic cause at the time, it was so close to closing time for most places. So I called my mom to see which car place was open. She gave me a name of a place, which was on the other side of town where the hotel was. While I was still driving to the car place, my mom called me. She asked where I was…..UHH DRIVING TO THE CAR PLACE YOU TOLD ME! She asked how much longer it would take me to get there…I said a few minutes. She said she was at the place, gonna tell them I was coming and not to close. She told me to look for her vehicle. I got to the place that she suggested…..then she tells me it’s not that building but a different building. Then she didn’t know where to go in the 2nd building. WHY SUGGEST A CAR PLACE IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE TO GO?!?!?!

Instead of letting ME talk to the mechanic about MY car, my mom overpowered my voice. SO FUCKING ANNOYING! My car, my issue, I know how to talk. The mechanic said what the issue was. My mom asked if it was ok to drive back to my current town (current town and hometown are nearly 3 hours apart). The mechanic said the issue would be fine, car would be fine to drive back.

My mom asked the mechanic if he could write down the issue so I could take it to the place where I normally get my car fixed. He told my mom that the other car place would see the same issue and he didn’t want to write anything down. The mechanic said he could get my car in Friday afternoon.

My¬† mom said, “No, she HAS to get back to *current town* on Friday morning”. OOH I WAS FREAKING LIVID. MY CAR, MY MONEY, MY TIME. I could have stayed in my hometown. I had all this time off work. My mom would not let me speak for myself. I told her I could stay an extra day to get my car fixed…her response was “well, the mechanic might not have your parts”. I yelled at my mom by this point and told her “if they didn’t have the parts to fix my car, the mechanic wouldn’t have offered to take my car in Friday afternoon”

She proceeded to tell me, “well, they would have to look at your car first” WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY JUST DO?!?! They just looked at my lights, gave me a diagnosis.

I walked away from my mom as she continued to talk. I’m freaking done dealing with my mom. All I did was ask for a car place cause my mind went blank. I can deal with my car issues on my own, pay for my car on my own, manage my time. I did NOT ask for her help in any way.

But I did go to a football game. The teams that played were my hometown and current town. The first half I sat with one team fans. Other half I sat on the other side. Felt so nice to be around quite a few people I knew. Talked to an old friend after the game (he was an announcer).

A couple hours before this game started, I was annoyed with my mom again. She said she wasn’t sure if she was gonna go to this football game. I NEVER asked her to go with me. I knew I’d be too busy being social with multiple people. I knew I wouldn’t have time for her. But if she went, I would have felt obligated to spend time with her and I would have been miserable. She decided not to go cause it was too cold and she wanted to watch Thursday night football (Denver was playing….I’m a Denver fan but haven’t watched much of them this year).

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