day off

I took a vacation today. Not doing much. I need a mental day to myself. I did go to the gym for a 6 AM class. I did sweat. I’ve done a workout every single day since I signed up last Tues (Dec 28). I did buy different foods, threw out ‘bad’ stuff (got rid of white breads, added whole grain and wheat).

Aaron wanted to make sugar cookies yesterday. The batch made 54 cookies. cookies are a little small. So I’ve had a few of them. Slowly changing the eating habits. I put all my chocolate out of sight. Only Aaron’s candy is in site. I do crave the sugar. Just trying to cut down on it. is soda in the house, 4 kinds. 3 I will not drink (Aaron will drink it). The 1 kind I’ll drink is also out of sight. Not really craving the soda.

Have some fruits in the house. have some veggies. I like fruits and veggies, never ate them fast enough before spoiling. But trying to add more good stuff. Also bought some oats. I tend to over eat. That’s the biggest challenge. I need to not do that. Don’t’ want to stretch out my stomach and be more fat.

Not sure if I wrote about this, if I did, sorry I’m on repeat. I bought a black dress last week. Not that I was looking for one. I don’t ever wear dresses. But a new year, new me, new things. I do look chubby in it, good thing black hides weight. But I want the dress to fit me better. Eventually, I hope, to buy smaller clothes. I have a 1 year agreement with the gym.

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