friend’s wedding

I had my first encounter with Laci in December 2005. We became friends in 2006.

I met Wade in early 2007.

They started dating in early 2009. They finally got married over the weekend.

About a year ago when I saw Laci she asked if I’d be her personal attendant. I was told by one of Laci’s bridesmaids that I wasn’t needed. I was pretty upset. Laci told me Friday night that she needed me. The bridesmaid that said I wasn’t needed was one of Laci’s nieces (Laci became an aunt when she was 5 or 6 years old. This particular niece is 25 years old). The niece is one of the ‘take charge’ and ‘let me do everything myself’ kind of people. So I ended up doing nothing.

Laci is from Nebraska. Wade is from Minnesota. They met at college in South Dakota. So they wanted the wedding stuff in South Dakota….which made both of their families drive (about the same distant drive for both families too). The church part was in Jefferson, SD…..which was the only church in the area that would do it….the other churches wanted Wade and Laci to be members before doing a ceremony (Laci and Wade live in North Dakota). The reception was in Yankton, SD.

Seems like I knew about half the people invited to the wedding. I’ve met Laci’s family multiple times over the years. I knew some of the bridesmaids/groomsmen. I knew some of their friends that they invited.

My boyfriend and I were trying to pick a ‘good table’ to sit at. A girl, Samantha, waved at us to sit with her and her partner, Jenna. Samantha and I knew each other from college. Not really friends, but got along well. Samantha and Jenna felt the same way Aaron (boyfriend) and I did….didn’t want to sit at a table and force small talk with random people.

Soon enough, other people from the college days sat at our table. The rule of the table was ‘to talk shit, be able to take shit’. Laci saw our table….she said we were the ‘horrible’ table. We were the group of people that loved to get drunk in the college days…we were the party people. We did a lot of dumb stuff.

The table got on the topic of ‘fuzzy taco’. It was a dirty reference….and it was also the name of a food place in Omaha. Fuzzy taco lead to talk of spreading the labia and labia in general. haha.

Later on, there was some weed smoking by some (not me) and porn talking. So the social hour, dinner, part of the dance time seemed to fly by. Lots of good conversations


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July 8, 2019

Haha I can’t imagine a scarier and also more fun table to sit at!!!

-Beauty for Ashes!

July 9, 2019

Sounds like a good time!