I’m still around. Working extra hours at work the last few weeks. I got a raise (not sure if I mentioned this). Without the overtime, I’d be getting about an extra $85 a month. Not much. Last paycheck, with some overtime, was an extra $150.

Trying to figure out what’s wrong with the dog. He’s been itching nonstop the last few weeks. Used flea and tick stuff. Still itchy. Switched food. Still itchy. Gave hair cut. Itchy. Bath time with new shampoo. Still itchy. He has sores. About to call the vet.

We went to a chislic festival the other day. Normally, I don’t care for chislic. But the one I bought from the guy was delicious.

Wikipedia says chislic is: is a traditional dish of cubed red meat most commonly localized to the state of South Dakota (United States). Traditionally made from mutton or lamb, but has also been associated with wild game, deer and venison mostly, and even cubed beef steak depending on preparation.

Chislic is traditionally prepared very simply. Cubed mutton or lamb (or alternately beef or venison), generally no bigger than a half-inch, are cooked in a deep fryer. Generally, chislic is served medium-rare to medium—i.e. warm pink inside. After cooking, while the meat cools on a paper towel, it is flavored with garlic salt, or other varieties of seasoned salts. The cubes are eaten hot.

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July 30, 2019

Congratulations on the raise, even if it’s not much added to your paycheck — it’s still an accomplishment :).

I hope you figure out why your dog has been so itchy lately.