I took a few days off work. I’ve been taking time off work a lot lately. I’ve been fed up with petty stuff from work. Been ‘training’ a new guy at work. This is his 7th week. Training takes about 4 weeks. This guy is not getting the hang of the job at all. I feel like I’m dealing with a fucking child and having to repeat myself all the time. The other 2 ladies I work with are annoyed with this guy as well. One says dealing with this guy is a nightmare and she’s been looking for a new job.

We’re looking after my boyfriend’s parents dog. They went to Denver for a few days (9 hour drive one way). Our dogs hate the dog staying with us. All 3 dogs (we have 2) want constant attention. They’re so jealous of each other. My dogs are stressed, stressed to the point they won’t eat.

Been so warm and dry here all summer. About another week of warm weather. Then it looks like the temp will cool down. Hopefully stay cool too.

We’re gonna get busy starting the first weekend in Sept. Sporting events mostly. There’s a pumpkin patch and apple orchard we want to go to as well. And towards the end of the year a Tree Farm. I’ve never been to one, never cut down my own tree for Christmas.

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September 2, 2021

What job is so difficult for that new guy? Work is always a thing that makes me curious.