The weekends seem long anymore. The weather is getting cold. Seems like there isn’t anything to do. The movie theater in town closed a year ago? Shopping in this town went down the last few years.

The past month has been emotionally hard with the situation with Aaron. We’ve had some conversations. We’re still not sure how to make things better. We want the relationship we had in the beginning. But feel like there isn’t anything left to explore or discuss about each other. Outside of work we’re at home together all the time. I need alone time at home for my mental health.

Aaron got a new job. He’ll start January 3. But he’ll have this whole week off. With this new job, him and I will literally be working the same hours. With his old job I’d get an hour or 2 to myself, which was good for my mental health. He’d have 8 hours on Friday’s to himself. Now, I think I’m gonna go more crazy, be more depressed without having alone time.

I think him and I need counseling. He doesn’t think so. Him and I need to work on stuff and I don’t know how to do it, how to make things better.

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