The loneliest whale in the world

The loneliest whale in the world is called Alice. She was discovered in 1989 and has been tracked and recorded since 1992. In the eyes of other whales, Alice was like a dumb man. She hasn’t had a relative or friend for many years. No one hears when singing, and no one understands when she is sad. The reason is that Alice has a frequency of 52 Hz, while the frequency of a normal whale is only 10-40 Hz. Her frequency has always been different, so it is difficult for her peers to find her voice.

Maybe each of us is a 52 Hz whale, eager to be understood and known, but before meeting the truly right person, we will surely drift alone for a long, long time.


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July 12, 2020

Lovely metaphor. Thanks for this.

July 13, 2020

This is beautiful.